2016-2017 Pre-AP/TAG Precalculus Class Documents

Final Exam Review Hardcopy - For grade: Complete in MathXL

Unit 6C - Calculus: Limits, Derivatives & Integrals

Unit 6B - Counting, Permutations, Combinations & Probability

Unit 6A - Sequences, Series, Binomial Theorem & Induction

Unit 5C - Exponential, Logistic and Logarithmic Functions

Unit 5B - Parametrics

Unit 5A - Conics and Parametrics

Unit 4B - Vectors and Polar

Unit 4A - Trig Inverses, Combinations, Compositions and Identities

Unit 3B - Tangent/Cotangent, Secant/Cosecant, Damping/Harmonic Motion

Unit 3A - Angles, The Unit Circle and Sine and Cosine

Unit 2B - Right and Non-Right Triangle Trig

Unit 2A - Polynomials and Rational Functions

Unit 1B - Combinations, Compositions and Inverses of Functions

Unit 1A - Characteristics of Functions