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  • Week 19
    This week we started and ended our week with a snow day!  That's an accomplishment in Texas.
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    In between the snow days we learned about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other important African Americans who helped shape our country for the better.  We looked at their accomplishments and shared why they were good leaders.  

    During math we used base ten blocks to make two digit numbers.  We practiced our long a vowel team spelling pattern as well.  Mrs. Butler (our counselor substitute) came and gave us a social skills lesson.

    On Friday we learned about "Snowflake Bentley" who discovered how to capture pictures of snowflakes through perseverance.  The Hoppers liked how hard he worked and that he didn't give up even when things didn't work the first few tries. Next we made snow flakes of our own in three different ways (paper, stencils and pipe cleaners). Check out some the fun.

    The Snowflakes became our decoration and all day long it felt like it was snowing in our room.

    Not to worry though, the fire place kept us warm!

    Next we read books about snowmen and made snowmen of our own using a sock.  I was so busy helping the Hoppers make their cute little stuffed snowballs that I forgot to get pictures.  We will share our snowmen with you next week!

    No snow day would be complete without a special snack of donuts and hot chocolate.  We enjoyed our special treat while we created marshmallow structures using toothpicks. The Hoppers enjoyed becoming engineers with the fluffy white puffs.

    Finally, take a look at these cuties all snug in their pajamas today.  

    It was a day full of excitement...  We would like to welcome our newest Hopper, Srihitha.  She wasn't quite sure what to think when her new teacher greeted her in PJ's this morning.  However she jumped right in and joined the fun.  We are happy to have her and her family with us at LME!

    Next week we will continue to learn about weather and maps.  We will begin a new spelling pattern, long e, using the vowel teams "ee" and "ea".  We will be completing a middle of the year writing assessment and will continue learning about place valu


    Scholastic Book Order
    If you would like to order books please make your online order by Monday, January 22nd Friday, January 26th.
    Class code: GKD28

    Walk to Read Fundraiser
    On Friday we learned from Mrs. Trudy Marshall about Libraries of Love, an organization that creates libraries in Uganda, Africa.  She shared that students in Africa do not have access to books.  Providing books and donations brings libraries to their schools and allows them to get a better education, not to mention develop a love for reading!  The fundraiser will begin Monday, January 22 and end on February 2.  Please consider making a donation or helping your Hopper ask family and friends so that we can teacher our children the importance of philanthropy and helping others in need.

    Math Games this month is Monday, January 22nd 1:45-2:45 pm

    Thank you to our parent volunteers who have signed up to help (Allison, Lyn and Barbie)! We have one open slot.  Please let me know if you are available.

    On Monday, January 29th, 1st and 2nd grade will visit with author Dianna Hutts Aston.
    Want to order an autographed book?  Please use this order form and send cash or check with made payable to Laurel Mountain Elementary.  Orders are due by January 19th, but the sooner the better! Past Due- Send in Monday


    Healthy Fruit/Veggie of the Week
    Jan. 22-26: Oranges
    Jan. 29- Feb. 2: Snap Peas
    Feb. 5-9: Bananas
    Feb. 12-16: Snap Peas
    Feb. 19-23: Apples

    Important Dates:
    Friday, January 19th- Author Visit Book Order Forms Due (Past Due...send in Monday)
    Monday, January 22nd- Math Games 1:45-2:45 pm
    Monday, January 22nd- Walk to Read Fundraiser Begins (Envelopes Go Home in Monday Folder)
    Thursday, January 25th- Science Fair (Moved due to inclement weather)
    Friday, January 26th- Scholastic Book Orders Due (Due date extended)
    Monday, January 29th- Author Visit - Dianna Hutts Aston
    Friday, February 2- Walk to Read Fundraiser Ends
    Friday, February 23rd- Engineer Day
    Thursday, March 8th- First Grade Musical
    March 12th-16th- Spring Break
    Posted Jan 19, 2018, 2:59 PM by Chrissy Hall
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Idiom of the Week

  • Idiom Week 20

    Idiom of the week: #20 Under the weather

    Image result for sick transparent background

    The youngest Wordly girl was feeling under the weather, so she came home from school early to rest. She did not feel well. Her head was hurting and her muscles were aching.

    Means: when you do not feel well

    Posted Jan 19, 2018, 3:03 PM by Chrissy Hall
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Problem of the Week

  • Problem Week 20

    John’s dad asked him to mow the lawn each Saturday…

    • The first week, he will be paid $5.

    • The second week, he will be paid $10.

    • The third week, he will be paid $15.

    If this pattern continues, how much money will john get the sixth week he mows the grass?  How much money will he have in all?

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    Posted Jan 19, 2018, 3:08 PM by Chrissy Hall
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