2018-19 School year


I am so excited to be working with your children this year. We began our resource classes this past week, 8/22/18. I enjoyed getting to know the new FCE kids and hearing about the summer fun, for all those kids who are returning to my room. Hopefully, your child told you something we did in resource this week.  We will continue to get to know each other in the upcoming weeks.

You should of received some a letter last week informing you who your child's case manager is, however if you didn't get a letter, feel free to contact me and I can let you know the name of your child's case manager.  

This year the resource/inclusion staff will all be doing some inclusion daily.  We also have some students who will get a few minutes a day of resource support to assist students with the daily on-grade level skills being taught in their general education classes.   Then during Coyote Club we will work with some students whose goals are scaffold.

Next week during Coyote Club we work on the beginning of year assessments and begin working in our centers.  

Please feel free to contact me any time you have a question, your child shares with you struggles in school that I can help with, or you have information you feel I need to be aware of regarding your child.  


Debbie Webb