Welcome to the Health Science Program at Westwood H.S.! 
Below is my teaching schedule for the 2016-2017 school year. 

"Orange Day"
1st block                       Disaster Response/Medical Terminology (Spring) 
2nd block                    Disaster Response/Medical Terminology (Spring) 
3rd block                     Disaster Response/Medical Terminology (Spring) 
4th block                     Conference

"White Day"
5th block                      Conference
6th block                      Disaster Response/Medical Terminology (Spring) 
7th block                      Health Science Technology Theory & Practice
8th block                      Health Science Technology Theory & Practice

All classes will utilize the following resources:

Assignments will be attached to the calendar displayed under each course tab. Students will be able to access the assignment
and print it again if necessary.

Assignments that need to be turned in electronically will be done so via Google Classroom

Some assignments, tests or quizzes that we have in class will be given on the computer via the elearn site.

Students will be given the necessary information to be able to log onto these resources.