Wish List

I am interested in trying some flexible seating for Team Tenbush this year! I am passionate about giving my students more choices and helping them to take ownership of their learning. If you'd like to know more, here's a great article explaining more about the concept.

If you'd like to support our class in this endeavor, here are a few items that I would like to incorporate. The kids and I appreciate your donations!

*Yoga Balls (4) $5 at Five Below

*Frisbees (4) For the Yoga Balls to sit in so they don't roll away :)

*Yoga Mats (2) $5 at Five Below (for floor sitters)

*Furniture Risers (4-5 sets) to make some desks taller for the option of standing

Something like this.

*Plastic Lap Desks for floor work around the room (4-5)

Something like this.

More benefits of flexible seating

Our class could always use things like:

-Colored dot stickers




-Gift cards for classroom supplies (Half Price Books, Dollar Tree, Wal Mart, Mardel, etc.)


-Lysol spray