Welcome to your art room! Ms. Schorn's class is located in room 415. There are two art teachers at LME. 

Ms. Schorn is teaching four classes in each grade level at LME and Mrs. Deb is teaching two classes in

each grade level at LME and at Spicewood Elementary.   I am excited to begin the new school year, to see

everyone, and to meet new families coming to Laurel Mountain Elementary. 


In art class, students will be doing projects that involve problem solving and personal choices.  We'll

look at artworks and artists from around the world to see how they use the principles and elements of art

in their work.  Students will learn together by sharing personal ideas about their artwork  and how they each use the

elements and principles of art.


Four times during the year, on Fridays,  PTA has a program called Art Volunteers in the Classroom.  Parent 

volunteers receive training on a particular artist and come into the classroom and use questions to discuss

the artists' work with students.  


Art classes will be two times every other week for 50 minutes and Fridays

for 20 minutes.