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1:00 PM4:00 PM7:00 PM
CR Jazz 3WW Jazz 4CR Jazz 4
WW Adv Dance 1/ Dance 2-4SPHS Folk 7WW Ballet 1-2
RRHS Folk 1Canyon VistaRRHS Folk 5
CR BalletCR Jazz 1-SearlesCanyon Vista
Hernandez WW Dance 1 (block 4)WW Tap 1-4
WW Jazz 2Hernandez FolkCR Dance 1- Button block 7
CR Dance 1-Button block 3GrishamSPHS Folk 4
SPHS Folk 8CR Ballet Folk 1-2Chisholm Trail
Chisholm TrailWW Jazz 1 (2)WW Dance 1 (block 8)
CR Jazz 1-GregorySPHS Folk 3CR Jazz 2
RidgeviewCR Dance 2-4Grisham
WW Jazz 1 (1)RidgeviewSPHS Folk 7
CR Ballet Folk 3-4WW Ballet 3-4Hernandez Dance
WW Jazz 4CR Jazz 4WW Jazz 3

Intersection Information:

Intersection is our fall dance class performance at the Performing Arts Center on October 28th, 2017 at 1PM, 4PM & 7PM. 

Parents, please sign up to volunteer by clicking the link below! We cannot run this show without you!

Each class must also join us for the tech. rehearsal:

Monday, October 23rd at the PAC:
Jazz 1- 6:50pm
Ballet III-IV- 7:50pm
Jazz IV- 8:20pm

Thursday, October 26th at the PAC:
Jazz II 7:50-8:40pm


I am elated to have you as one of my dance students!  Please check this website frequently to find important class documents and announcements.  

Please click the link below to fill out your student information form:

Student Information Form

I'm looking forward to a wonderful year together.

Mrs. Kelly

Dance is the hidden language of the soul.

-Martha Graham