Mrs. Hartle

I am the mother of two dynamo girls who attend an elementary school right here in Round Rock. Married to a Saxophone player turned middle school science teacher, our life is full of curiosity. Before embarking on my journey as a teacher, I was an actor (waiter, temp worker, college student, and big city survivor.) Along with being a Maverick, I love parenting, gardening, reading, laughing and learning about people.

    I hold a master's degree in Education Administration from Lamar University and a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Texas at Austin. My teaching certifications are in English and Special Education. I am the Special Education Department Chair.  I have taught for fifteen years; all here at McNeil. Being a Mav is special, and we want to ensure that every student understands that s/he has something important to contribute to our success. We are one.