School Supplies List

Stemscopes login:  e6digits  password: birthdate   (students must go to 5th grade webpage on FBE website to access)

Upcoming Dates:

February 19th-20th - Student Holidays

March 5th - Music Project Due

March 12th-16th - Spring Break

March 28th or 29th - Instrument Exploration at CTMS 5:30-7:30 - if you choose Band or Orchestra


Science HW-Due Friday

Math HW- Due Friday

New social studies words-test is Friday March 2nd


Science - This week we talked about the Interdependence of living and non-living organisms in our Ecosystem. Next week we will discuss the Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen Cycle. Science homework will come home today and is due next Friday.  

Math - This week we continued Coordinate Planes, data tables and Scatter plots.  We also learned how to write equations from a data table. We will continue this next week.  Math homework will come home today and is due next Friday. I highly recommend that you have your child complete it over the weekend and not wait until Thursday night. It will consist of 10 spiraled questions. Please have your student show all work on a separate piece of paper(or on the back of the homework). This is intended as an additional layer of math review before the STAAR. Thank you for supporting this additional work from home.

Writing-We continued our daily grammar practice this week.  

Reading-We continued our STAAR prep review this week with main idea and details.  We will continue that next week since it is a short week.  Students will also finish up their book group novels next week and complete the end of novel project.

Social Studies-Students completed their study guide and reviewed for their big exam over westward expansion.  They took their exam today.  Next week we will move into the causes of the Civil War.


If you plan to volunteer in the classroom (ie. For Tuesday Folders, Workroom Parents, Homeroom Parents), be a WatchDOG, work in the library, go on/chaperone a field trip, or work with students, you MUST complete the on-line application and receive approve.Click Here


Some helpful tips to remember when submitting your volunteer application:

1.     Please complete entire form.

2.     Select the school(s) where you would like to volunteer (you can choose more than one school).

3.     Please make sure that you click the SUBMIT button.


Thank you in advance for going through this process.

We look forward to you volunteering at Fern Bluff!