January 21st - MLK - no school

January 25th - CTMS counselor visits FBE

January 25th - Six Flags Reading Logs Due

February 13th Staar Ready Math

February 6th - Spring Individual & Class Pictures

February 14th - Valentine's Day Party

February 18th-19th - Staff Development - No school for students

February 20th - Staar Ready Reading

Mrs. Harden:

Science - This week we talked about the Sun, Moon & Earth and how they are similar but very different. Next week, we will be focusing on the lunar eclipse, the Earth's shadows and the seasons. At Home Learning will come home today and be due next Friday.

Math - This week we learned how to multiply decimals with numbers and models. We will continue to multiply next week and then begin dividing decimals. At Home Learning will be assigned today and is due next Friday. It is Series 1, Page 4 numbers 1-6.

Mrs. Lawson

Language Arts - This week our skill focus was author's purpose and point of view. We continued to discuss PIE and introduced persuasive techniques-Exaggeration, Contradiction, and Misleading text. We watched several commercials and used our knowledge to decide which purpose the writer had in mind to grab audience attention. We did some partner and group activities to identify the different persuasive techniques and author's purpose. Next week, we will continue to work on persuasive techniques.

Sentence Structure-Our skill focus will be run-on sentences.

Flocabulary: No Flocab next week due to short week.

Social Studies: This week in Social Studies our focus was on Oregon Trail and next week we will continue work on Trail of Tears and Gold Rush.


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