Thank you to everyone who auditioned for our Jungle Book show. We have 140 students in our 6th grade theatre program and the fact that you showed up, took a risk and put yourself out there means a lot. There are adults that could not do what you have done in auditioning for this show. I am proud of you, whether or not you made it. Please continue to audition for shows. Love you, love your faces- Crain

Shere Khan – Sara B.

Tabaqui - Kaya C.

Mowgli – Polly N.

3 Kites – Anneke vdM, Natalie O., Tayla S.

Monkeys – Joaquin, Sammy, Sabrina

Akela – Ella

Mother Wolf – Talia

Father Wolf - Mason

Kaa – Brooke

Baloo – Luke S.

Bagheera – Natalie B.

Cub - Valeria

Wolves (2) – Meher, Sophia S.

Messua – Shraddha

Rehearsals will begin Wednesday, 2/27 until 5:00 p.m.

Rehearsals will be Mon-Wednesday until 5 p.m. until Spring Break. We will re-evaluate our rehearsal needs after Spring Break.