Please have YOUR CHILD check their home access weekly to check for any missing assignments or grades below 70. As your child's 5th grade teacher, I am encouraging each of my students to be responsible for doing this to keep track of their academic progress. If you have yet to create a password and set this up for your child please do so as soon as possible. It is so very important to get your child involved in their learning and with middle school and high school around the corner, it is imperative to start now. Thank you for helping your child get set up with Home Access and encouraging their independence in keeping up with their grades and assignments.

Campus Change for 2016-2017 regarding birthday treats

Fern Bluff will no longer celebrate birthdays with food treats during the school day. Please be assured, classroom teachers and classmates will still acknowledge each student's birthday during the school year. With the growing number of food allergies and dietary restrictions, this will help us keep all of our students safe. This campus change is reinforced by our wellness education program and it also aligns nicely with some of the amazing health initiatives started by our PTA. In addition, this decision will not impact the three scheduled parties during the school year or celebrations with PTA programs such as Math Pentathlon, Reflections, etc. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the main office at 512-428-2100.

Please help keep our classroom and students safe! If you need to drop something off at school, please deliver it to the front of the school. Also, if you have a scheduled conference or meeting, you must first sign in at the front office. Thanks for your help!

Google Student Accounts:

Login 6 digits is their ID number, it is printed on report card

Password: two words+1 number-given out at school on the first week


Login: s6digits

Password: 8 digit birthdate

Reflex Math:

Login: moniqueco

Password: 2 words+1 number given out at school on the first week