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  • Week of September 18th - 22nd

    Thursday was such a wonderful day.  It was a day that you don't know how good it is until you stop and realize what all is going on.   In teaching there are moments where everything is working correctly, lessons go better than planned and the students are talking, working and laughing together.  We were collecting more organisms outside and came in and your kids created some great graphs.  I will get them up in the hallway soon as everyone is finished.  There were so many skills that took place in this 'simple' task that I was really impressed with.  They collected a certain number of items, helped other scientist that needed help, then sorted their items once we came back to class.  I showed them how to use a ruler to create straight lines and then the magic happened.  I stepped out of the way, gave them their supplies and they went to work.  We did this for almost 2 was such a great time.  I look forward to more of these moments throughout the year.

    Check out the info below to see what all we are learning this week:

    Math: Count on Addition strategies and problem solving

    Reading: Building stamina in reading and sequencing a story

    Writing: Work on writing a beginning, middle and end of a story.  Tell a story across your fingers.

    Spelling: Short 'e' words, the high frequency words (word the district says first graders are responsible to know) are: got, mom, these, after, had

    Science: Introduce Properties of Matter

    Social Studies: Learning about U.S. Symbols and what they represent

    Important Information:

    • Please send a healthy snack to school with your child each day.
    • Please arrive at school before 7:40 AM each day.
    • New dismissal time is 2:55 PM this year.
    • Monday folders will be coming home Tuesday, August 22nd with important information.
    Important Dates:

    September 5 - 22       Excellence Fund Campaign
    September 15             Family Picnic (starts at 5:30)
    October 9 - 10            Student Holiday (Staff Development/Parent Conferences)
    October 11                   PTA Meeting & Family Clay Night (Starts at 6:45)
    October 19                  Fall Picture Day
    November 4               Fall Carnival (11:00 - 3:00)
    November 7 - 9          Fall Book Fair


    Posted Sep 18, 2017, 5:53 AM by Marty Gordon
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Idiom of The Week

  • Week #5

    Idiom of the week: #5 Cut it out

    When the Wordly boys were having fun tossing the colorful; fall leaves up in the air, their grouchy neighbor came outside and told them to cut it out. He did not want leaves messing up his yard.

    Means: stop what you are doing because it is bothering someone

    Posted Sep 15, 2017, 3:16 PM by Marty Gordon
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Problem of The Week

  • Week #5

    Joey ants a double school ice cream cone.  The store carries 3 flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry.  Joey needs to think of all the possible ice-cream combinations before making his decision.  Using these 3 different flavors, how many double-scoop combinations can be made? (hint: Don't forget two scoops of the same flavor.)

    Posted Sep 15, 2017, 3:13 PM by Marty Gordon
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