Mr. Groh

SCHOOL PHONE: 428-3999


This is my 10th year of teaching in the classroom and my 7th year of teaching at Westwood High School. I have a B.S. in Pre-medicine from Pennsylvania State University, a Masters in Education from Towson University, and I hold a science composite certification as well as an English Language Arts and Reading certification with the State of Texas. For the 2017 - 2018 school year I have 6 sections of Astronomy.

Overview Information

I offer morning tutorials Monday through Friday from 8:15 - 8:55 am. Students who have missed assignments can come in during the mornings from 8:15 - 8:55 a.m. to find out their makeup work or students can come into make up a missed assignment(s) or quiz/exam. If a student has missed class for some reason, he/she is encouraged to come by during this time to find out what occurred during the class that they missed and pick up the notes and/or assignment(s) for that particular class session. 

Email is probably the most reliable way to contact me.

Thank you for visiting my Google website. 

Mr. Groh

Mission For The Class

The goal for Astronomy at Westwood High School is that the students will master all of the concepts of astronomy, solve multiple step physics word calculation problems, carry out accurate and safe laboratory experiment investigations, graph and analyze data as well as solve some problems by vector diagram or graphical processes.



General Grading Policies

Science Department Grading Policy

It is the goal of Science courses to prepare students with the knowledge and

learning skills that will lead to success at the next level of their

education or work experience, and to follow grading policies that fairly

reflect a student’s mastery of those goals.


Plagiarism and academic integrity

Work found to be copied or to contain any plagiarism, or to be fraudulent due

to cheating will receive a score equaling zero. If the cheating occurred on a

Major Exam, the student may be given the opportunity to redo the exam up on

teacher and alpha-level principal approval. Plagiarism and other acts of

academic dishonesty will be reported to the student's administrator and to

honor societies for disciplinary action.

(See Student Handbook and Code of Conduct for further information.)


Guidelines/procedures for redos on Major Exams

If a student earns less than a 70% on an eligible redo exam, the student has

the opportunity to redo the exam or develop correction notes on the exam's

missed items. This second chance at showing mastery on an eligible exam must

be completed within the five school days following the class in which the

student is told of the failing grade. An exam redo involves two potential

processes. A student may be required to do exam correction notes according to

the strict exam correction note protocol processes. If a student is required

to do a redo of the same exam, the student attend a tutorial at least once 

prior to redoing the examination. The exam redo process must be completely 

finished by the end of the fifth school day after being notified of their score. 


The assignment or examination grade will be determined by the highest level

of mastery grade, with 70% as the maximum grade possible. 


The student must make prior arrangements with the teacher for the time and

day of the retest or reteach experience.


Make-up Work

For an excused absence the student will be allowed 1 block class rotation

sequence to get all work completed and turn in.

The student is responsible for finding out the missed assignment(s) as soon

as he/she has returned back from the absence.



First Day Form