Welcome to Science

Welcome to Canyon Vista Middle School 2018-2019

Hello, thanks for visiting.  This year I will be teaching 6th/7th grade Science.

I am entering my 6th year at Canyon Vista Middle School and 18th year overall in teaching.

I have taught various subjects throughout the years in social studies and science.  I hold a BS in Physical Geography with a concentration in Environmental Studies and a Masters degree in Geography and Education.  Prior to teaching,  I was in high tech at Motorola, IBM, and a small networking company in DFW.  My wife is a software engineer at 3M and we have two boys in college, studying aviation and computer science.  

I look forward to the school year very much!

Contact: (512) 464-8135.  email: michael_bedford@roundrockisd.org  

My Schedule this year..

1) Conference

2) 7 Science

3) Planning

4) Advisory/ Lunch

5) 6 Science

6) 6 Science

7) 6 Science

8) 7 Science

Tutoring Times:

Monday, 7:45-8:15,   3:35-4:00

6th Grade Agenda

May 13- Math STAAR

May 14- Reading STAAR

May 15- DCA Review (Space)

May 16- Go over DCA Review/DCA (Space)- HW: Look over Study Guide for Test.

May 17- Space Unit Test

7th Grade Agenda for Jan-2019-See my Google Classroom and Syllabus!


  1. To inspire and prepare students for high school, college and life. 
  2. To enable students to gain confidence using science processes and skills as well as to engage students to be analytical thinkers and problem-solvers 
  3. To master the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills  

Students are responsible for bringing their own supplies to class and should bring the following items to class every day: 

  • High Quality Spiral Notebook
  • agenda/planner
  • composition book (to be kept in class)
  • lined notebook pape
  • pencils/pens/colored pencils/highlighters 
  • mini-stapler
  • tape                                 


  • warning and/or seating change

  • lunch detention

  • parent contact (either by phone call or email)

  • after-school detention or reflection-not-detention (RND)

  • conference with student, team teachers, parents, and/or administrators

  • referral