Welcome Warriors!
Welcome back to the 2017-2018 school year! I hope you are looking forward to an amazing year in Biology! If you are a new student, there is some helpful information here on the home page regarding my schedule and the access codes for remind and Google Classroom. If you are one of my old students from last year are looking for a letter of recommendation for college, please come and see me!

If you need me for anything please feel free to email me: racheal_brooks@roundrockisd.org
(make sure you spell my first name correctly! Seriously, or you will send your email to a teacher at a different school in RRISD!)

Mrs. Brooks' schedule:

Orange Days:
Block 1 - No class
Block 2 - AP Biology
Block 3 - SL Biology
Block 4 - SL Biology

White Days:
Block 5 - No class
Block 6 - AP Biolog
  • Agar pre-lab

Block 7 - AP Biology
Block 8 - HL Biology

Tutorial Schedule:






8:15 - 9:00

4:20 - 5:30

Join Remind:

    Text your code to the # 81010     (If you have any trouble, use 512-351-38-48)
    go to www.remind.com/join and enter the class code and then your email. Follow all instructions.
    send a blank email to "class code"@mail.remind.com (i.e. hlbiology@mail.remind.com)
    use the following link: remind.com/join/INSERTCODEHEREWITHOUT@

Class codes:
Block 2: @2apbiology2
Block 3: @ 3slbiology
Block 4: @4slbiology
Block 6: @6apbiology
Block 7: @7apbiology
Block 8:@8hlbiology

Google Classroom codes:
Block 2:  qceu5ds
Block 3: hs8kgap
Block 4: qk6d9
Block 6: npur4dr
Block 7: 3fpbdgk
Block 8: zwmv06