SCHOOL PHONE: 464-4000

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J'adore voyager. Et vous?

Bonjour et Bienvenue! Welcome! I am very happy to have you in my class. I am 
your French teacher for French I, II, III as well as being an ESOL Teacher at 
Westwood High School. Together, we'll learn about the French language and the 
French culture in many different ways. Learning a new language can be very 
exciting and I want to make it enjoyable for you.

I am French, born and bred in  Beziers, in the south of France, and  have been teaching for 18 years, the last 13 in Texas since 2004. 
This is my 7th year at Westwood High School.
I speak 4 languages and went to the University of Perpignan in the south of France and to the University ff Sheffield, UK for my B.A. in English &
American studies and to the University of Leeds in England for my Post-Graduate in Education, M.A Ed. 

I am experienced and highly certified in the State of Texas in:
- Generalist EC-4
- Bilingual Education EC-4 (in Spanish),  
- English Language Arts and Reading 4-8
- English Language Arts and Reading 8-12 
- ESL EC-12 
- French 6-12 
- Spanish 6-12. 

I have a 5th grader and a 2 years old, who are becoming trilingual. Practice does work! :)
I look for to knowing you and inspiring you to learn the most you can in all your 
classes to become a well-rounded, knowledgeable, successful person!

Les 9 ecluses de Fonseranes, Beziers

Vive la France!

Mission: Helping each student develop the 4 skills needed to be proficient in 
the next level class - listening, speaking, reading and writing; as well as 
striking an appreciation for foreign countries and cultures.

Tutorials are on WHITE days ONLY for French students between 8.20 am-9.00 am ONLY. 
Students can request an appointment by email 24 h in advance.
Students need to received confirmation before attending. I am PART-TIME this year and teach ESL too. 

FREE Peer-Tutor at school ANY DAY, any time: contact NHS directly to set up a day and time in the library.
Please see your Alpha Office for the current list of volunteers to meet before/after school.

Conference Times: Block 5th between 9:05 and 10:05 for parents of French students. I share the classroom with another teacher. 
Please make an appointment FIRST. Email is the best way to communicate with me. or (512) 464-4000

Thank you! Merci ! :)