Welcome to AP and IB Psychology !!!
The Science of Behavior and Mental Processes

Katherine P. Minter, B.S. / M.A. -- Tutoring before and after school until 4:50 (no tutoring on Thursday mornings), and other times by appointment. Email: Kay_Minter@roundrockisd.org Phone message: 512-428-3950. Mrs. Minter has been at Westwood for 29 years.
She is an International Consultant in Psychology to The College Board, New York, and she is an IB Examiner in Psychology for
International Baccalaureate Organization, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and administrated through IB, Cardiff, Wales. Recently, Mrs.
Minter has been invited to join the National Math & Science Initiative (NMSI) as a Consultant and Facilitator for the Science of Psychology.

The SCIENCE of Psychology is a gateway field into many other sciences and which foundations are in neuroscience.   In fact, the Medical College Admissions Test (the "MCAT") announced several years ago that its new, updated exam, first given in May, 2015, would have as much psychology science on it as it had biology and biochemistry.  Psychology is here to stay as its focus is the WHOLE human being from multiple levels of analysis (biological, cognitive, and sociocultural).  Come join the fun as we dive into this most fascinating science -- the science of us!!

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