Welcome to Math SuperStars, a voluntary math enrichment program sponsored by the Sommer Elementary School PTA! 

Math SuperStars will begin on October 1st, 2018 for 1st-5th grade students!  Kindergarten will begin in January.

  We will be using Khan Academy, an online classroom that provides self-paced practice and immediate feedback.   Here is how it will work:

If you need to set up a new account:

1.  Your child will receive an information flyer from their teacher with a class code.  
2.  Create a parent account on khanacademy.org and "add a student".
3.  Log into the student's account and visit khanacademy.org/coaches.  In the "Join a class" field, enter the class code.  (See the list of class codes here).  This will make Math Superstars a "coach" for your student so we can track their progress.
4.  To begin work, from the student dashboard, click on the "Subjects" pull down menu in the upper left of the screen.  Select your grade level under "Math by grade".  
5.  Click on "Mission" and the Mission warmup will pop up.  This is a placement tool that helps Khan Academy know the level of questions that are best for your student.  
6.  After the warm-up, your child can continue working problems or exit.  Simply continue the mission when they come back.  Our goal is for students to spend 20 minutes on Khan Academy each week of the program.  

If you already have an account from last year:

1.  Log in to your student account.  Then visit khanacademy.org/coaches.

2.  In your list of coaches, click “Remove” next to Math SuperStars.  

3.  Enter your class code at the top of this page in the “Join a Class” box and click the button to join.  Now Math SuperStars should reappear in your list of coaches.

That’s it!  You are now ready to continue working on Khan Academy in your new classroom with your existing account.  

For more detailed instructions, including screen shots, see the Details.