We love reading at LME!

Welcome to our webpage!  If you need usernames and passwords for our online resources such as PebbleGo, BookFlix, or Tumblebooks, please email our librarian, David Jurecka at david_jurecka@roundrockisd.org.

Lessons & News
updated 5/18/17
Lions love to read!

Please note that all library books were due 
back on Monday, May 15th.

The week of May 15th:
This week, grades K-2 will start learning about summer reading.  Why is it important?  Where can I get books for free this summer?  How can I earn free books for LME's first book fair?  We'll find out!

Looking for some problem solving fun this summer?  Try Inventioneers on Steam (PC), iPad, or Android.

Grades 3-5 will learn also learn about summer reading including how to access e-books all summer through MackinVIA.

Keep watching this space for summer reading information!

While the LME library is being renovated this summer, visit our closest public library:

Want more books? LME kids can get a free library card at:

Parents Corner
Did you know that your child has access to e-books and audiobooks for iPads, Android, PC, and Mac?  Log in at www.mackinvia.com.


Enter the school name and then your child's username and password (s and their 6 digit number, for example: s123456).  

Please contact me if you need help logging in at david_jurecka@roundrockisd.org.

Parents, you can also find out what your child has checked out at any time!

2. Select E-Library

3. Select My Stuff, then Show My Record

4. Type in your child’s 6 digit ID # in the Username & the Password boxes. 

(same # twice): username:000000 password:000000

5. Select Show My Checkouts, Bills, and Holds to see what your child has checked out at any time.

Message from the Principal:

Reading is POWER! Reading ignites the imagination and teaches us about our world. 

Help your child continue to discover their passions by encouraging their reading interests. Uncover what types of books they enjoy, what topics are important to them. Then provide time for reading and encouragement. 

Read together or side by side. Make reading a part of your family culture. This is the path to creating a voracious reader.

We look forward to seeing all the smiling faces this year!

Jan Richards