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SSI Math links:

Topic #1- fractions, decimals, and percents

Decention game for comparing fractions, decimals, and percents:

Tons of links for fractions, decimals, and percents:

Decimal games:

Decimals, fractions and percents:

Fractions, decimals and percents:

Fill in the chart- decimals, fractions, and percents practice:

Jeopardy game- fractions, decimals, and percents:

Matching game- fractions, decimals, and percents:

Topic #2- PEMDAS (order of operations), fractions (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing)

PEMDAS examples and game:

PEMDAS (order of operations game):

 Order of operation games:

 Fractions games:

Adding and subtracting fractions:

Adding and subtracting fractions board game:

Adding integers:

Subtracting integers game:

Multiplying integers:

Integer division:

Topic #3- proportions

Proportions practice:

Solving proportions:

Solving proportions:

Topic #4- percents

Solving percent equations:

Penguin waiter percent game:

Balloon Invaders percent game:

Percent shopping game:

Topic #5- data (tables, graphs, equations) and data analysis

Reading tables game:

Reading bar graphs:

Reading line graphs:

Reading histograms:

How to choose the best type of graph:

Topic #6- similar figures

Defining similar figures:

Examples and demonstrations of dilations:

Dilations help:

Dilations practice:

Topic #7-  volume, lateral surface area, and total surface area

Minecraft volume game:

Finding volume and surface area:

Surface area and volume activity:

Topic #8- Pythagorean theorem

Pythagorean explorer:

Pythagorean theorem practice game:

Pythagorean theorem ladder game:

Topic #9- probability

Probability explained:

Probability explained with examples:

Probability pond game:

Probability fair game:

Thursday activities:


FOIL methods:

graphing inequalities on a number line:


measurement games:

Algebra links:

adding and subtracting polynomials:

adding and subtracting polynomials:

Algebra- multiple topics at

IXL algebra

Kuta software


tests and all levels



algebra vs the cockroaches & more

exponents and formulas



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