Spanish 1A tutorials

week of 12/2-12/6
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Tips for using a calculator:
Some more tips and scoring information :)

Calculator tips and scoring process:
You get 5 point for every correct answer.
You are deducted 4 points for every incorrect or skipped answer.

If you get to problem 35 and completely stop, problems 36-70 will NOT be counted wrong. However, if you get to #35 and then see that #60 looks easy and they do it, then problems 36 through 59 will be counted wrong.

Set your calculators for "sci" (scientific notation) and FLOAT 2...this keeps the answers from going over the 2 decimal places.  The E that shows up in the answer means (x10) 

Some students suggest skipping the word problems... this is just a strategy.  They believe that the word problems take too long, so they skip them knowing they will have points deducted.  But- they know they can quickly make up those points when they solve the problems that follow the word problems.