Week of 11/27/2017

posted Nov 16, 2017, 8:18 AM by Melissa Hein

I hope that everyone  has a great Thanksgiving Break with lots of relaxation, food, family, and Friends. I was telling my class today that there is a Homestead fair in Waco over the break where they people live very similar to the ways the colonist  lived and  if you need something to do over the break it would be a great experience for the whole family.

We have 3 weeks before Winter break and we  will be working hard on many new concepts. There will be one more test in math before the semester  is over.

    Monday - Division with Decimals with grids
    Tuesday - Division with Decimals with  standard algorithm
    Wednesday - Catch up day on anything the classes need extra help with
    Thursday - Review for Test (place value,add/subtract/multiply/divide with Decimals, comparing and ordering with Decimals)
    Friday - Continue with Review 

December 4th - Monday - go  over review and then play review games
                                                                Tuesday & Wednesday - Test 

Social Studies : 13 Colonies


11/21-25 No School thanksgiving Break
12/09 - Cluster Showcase
12/21 - winter party 12 - 1:15
01/09 -First Day of Second Semester

Teacher of Heroes,


Week of 11/13/2017

posted Nov 9, 2017, 8:27 AM by Melissa Hein   [ updated Nov 9, 2017, 12:28 PM ]

Happy Thanksgiving! We will be having a 5th grade Thanksgiving celebration on November 14th from 12:30 - 1:00. The classes will performing a mini play with songs and then sampling foods from other cultures. This is a new experience for 5th graders and will be out in the new "Grove" area.

    Monday - Multiplying with Decimals (models)
    Tuesday - Multiplying with   Decimals (algorithm)
    Wednesday - Division with   Decimals   (models)
    Thursday -  Division with   Decimals   (algorithm)
    Friday - Review Multiplication/Division with   Decimals

Social Studies:
    13 Colonies

    11/14 Thanksgiving Celebration
    11/21-24 Thanksgiving Break
    12/08 4/5th grade Enrichment Clusters Showcase
    12/21  Last Day of First Semester
    12/21 - Winter  Party 12-1:15

Teacher of Heroes,

Melissa Hein

Week of 11/06/2017

posted Nov 3, 2017, 11:07 AM by Melissa Hein   [ updated Nov 3, 2017, 11:14 AM ]

We have 2 week of school before we are on Thanksgiving break...and we have lots of great learning to be had. 

    Monday - finish Expanded Notation
                                              Begin Rounding Numbers through the decimals
      Tuesday -  Modeling Adding/subtracting numbers with Decimals
    Wednesday-   How decimals and fractions are the relate
    Thursday - Practice skills learned
    Friday - Multiplying decimals

Social Studies - 
    Continue with 13 Colony work


11/20-24 Thanksgiving Holiday
12/21 Last Day of Semester & Winter Party from  12-1:15

Teacher of Heroes,


Week of 10/30/2017

posted Oct 27, 2017, 1:05 PM by Melissa Hein

Report cards will be coming home this Monday. Please return the envelope as soon as possible with a signed report card.

We are half way through our clusters and before you know it cluster showcases will be here. If you would like to come see all that the 4th and 5th grade have learned, then please mark December 8th on your calendar in the morning to come check us out. Students will be leading the showcases, so it is always fun to come learn from them.

November 4th is the Fall Carnival here at LME. Please plan on coming and enjoying all the food, games, and more that have been planned. It begins at 11 and goes until 3. 

    Monday- Place value 0nes - millions
    Tuesday - Place Value adding decimals (up to  thousandths) and billions
    Wednesday - Review and Practice skills
    Thursday - Compare and order numbers through the thousandths
    Friday - Expanded Notation and REview

Social Studies:
    Thirteen  Colonies - New England, Middles, and Southern

    11/04 Fall Carnival
    11/20-24 Thanksgiving Holidays No School
    12/09  Enrichment  Clusters Showcase
    12/21  Last Day of first semester
    12/21 Class winter party 12-1:15

Teacher of Heroes,


Week of 10/23/2017

posted Oct 19, 2017, 11:46 AM by Melissa Hein

Great things are happening at LME and in 5th grade. We have clusters on Friday and the students are all raving about the fun and learning that it being had. I love hearing about what is going on in each different cluster and can't wait for December 8th on the showcase where all the adventures had will be displayed.

In math we just completed our second unit and will be starting up Multiplication and Long Division. Hopefully this is mainly review...but it is always good to solidify concepts previously taught.

    Monday and Tuesday - Triple digit by double digit multiplication
    Wednesday and Thursday - Long division with single and double digit divisors
    Friday - Mixed Review on both topics

Social Studies:
    English Colonies

    11/04 - Fall Carnival
    11/20-24 No School Thanksgiving Break
    12/21 - last day of 2nd 9 Weeks

Teacher of Heroes,

Melissa Hein

Week of 10/16/2017

posted Oct 12, 2017, 12:11 PM by Melissa Hein

It is hard to believe that we are wrapping up the first 9 weeks of school this week. The students have already learned  and grown so much ...I can't wait to see even more "ah ha" moments and the progress that each one will make.

We have picture day this week on Thursday 10/19, so turn in any picture money by then. (I think the order forms will go out by Monday 10/16, so be on the look out if you wan to order).

    Graphing in Math
    Review on Tuesday and Wednesday
    Test (that will cover everything we have learned this year) on Thursday
    Go over test on Friday

Social Studies:
    English Colonies continued

    10/19 - Picture Day
    10/20 End of first 9 weeks
    11/04 Fall Carnival
    11/20-24 Thanksgiving Break No School

Teacher of heroes,

Melissa Hein

Week of 10/09/2017

posted Oct 9, 2017, 5:34 AM by Melissa Hein

I hope everyone is enjoying their four day weekend! We have beautiful weather to be outside enjoying nature and  having adventures!

Last week was the first day of Enrichment clusters. After talking to several classes it sounds like everyone enjoyed the cluster  they are in and that this year there is a lot of excitement to be had and great things to experience and learn.

In Math we are finishing up our second unit and will be taking a test  next week that will cover both unit one and two. Our test will be on Order of operations, fractions, graphs,  prime/composite, Perimeter, and  all this these in word problems format.

    Perimeter/area (including shapes with missing sides)
    Graphs - bar, dot, and talley
    Review   next week and test on Tuesday or Wednesday

Social Studies:
    Early Settlers 
    English Colonies

    10/09-10 No school
    10/19 - Picture Day
    10/20 - End of 9 weeks
    11/04 -  Fall Carnival

Teacher of Heroes,

Melissa Hein

Week of 10/02/2017

posted Sep 28, 2017, 9:09 AM by Melissa Hein

Thank you for helping our class earn 100% on the Excellence Fund, so that we can enjoy the Fun Friday planned somewhere in our future.

Enrichment clusters are starting October 6th (and go until the first week of December). I am excited to see what fun and exciting  adventures each child will have.

Please plan for school being closed on October 9 and 10 and enjoy a long weekend! Hopefully, the weather will be amazing.


   Fractions: Addition/Subtraction (like and unlike denominators)
                                               Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions (converting between the two and Addition/Subtraction)
     Perimeter and Area

Social Studies:  Early Settlers/Colonies


10/06 Enrichment Clusters start
10/9 & 10/10 No School
11/04 Fall Carnival

Teacher of Heroes,

Melissa Hein

Week of 09/18/2017

posted Sep 14, 2017, 8:23 AM by Melissa Hein

YMCA field trip was a success!!  Everyone had fun, grew, and became a team builder.  If you haven't asked your child yet, please ask him/her to tell you about the adventures we had and what was their favorite part of the day.

Excellence fund raising is going on until 9/22 (this Friday), so please make sure you look for the email I sent out and log in to see all the information it can provide you. We excited to have all the new space to use this year for the all the classes and enrichment slots/clusters.

Soon 4th/5th grade enrichment cluster description choices will be  emailed out. Clusters start in October.

    Monday - Review for PEMDAS/prime/composite Test
    Tuesday -  Test
    Wednesday -  Friday -  Start  fractions (addition/subtraction with like and unlike demonstrators)

Social    studies:
    First Settlers to the United States
    Colonization of the Unites States


    9/15  Family Picnic 5:30pm
    10/09 Student Holiday
    10/10 Student Holiday/Parent Conferences

Teacher of Heroes,

Melissa Hein

Week of 09/11/2017

posted Sep 7, 2017, 11:37 AM by Melissa Hein

YMCA field trip this Wednesday! Please have your child bring : a sack lunch, water bottle, draw string bag (to hold personal items)  and  a hat  (optional). This is a great filed trip to step outside their box and comfort zone and try all the activities the YMCA is providing (rock wall, giant chair swing, team builder activities, and archery). Parents are welcome to come join us. Please remember to have a background check through the RRISD website.

    - Order of operations (everything except exponents)
    - review addition/subtraction of fractions (like and unlike denominators and mixed numbers)

Social Studies:
    -Review map skills
    -Test map skills on Friday

* Please pay your class fees
* Excellence Fund  campaign  Drive is open
09/13 YMCA filed trip
09/15 LME family picnic 5:30pm
10/09 -10 No school

Teacher of Heroes,

Melissa Hein

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