As students come into the room, they are expected to...

Be Polite
Be Prepared
Be Positive
Be Productive

Students are expected to follow CHAMPS in the FOCUS classroom. Download the CHAMPS chart to learn more. 


CHAMPS procedures outline what is expected during 3 main activities: whole class lesson, partner/group work, and independent work.

We learn the procedures through video modeling, role playing, practice, and authentic application (i.e., teachable moments).

CHAMPS provides clear expectations for every activity:  

  • the type of Conversation
  • how we ask for Help
  • what's our Activity at different times of the lesson, 
  • knowing our Movement in the classroom, 
  • how to show our Participation
  • and the Signal used that indicates the current expectations in class. 
Repetition is key! 

Researchers have shown that skills may take 1000 times of practice before they become part of long-term memory. We will practice smarter in CHAMPS and with our academics, but not harder (see the article by Life Hacker). 

So, please view the video with your child and discuss what is expected of him/her for CHAMPS during the 3 class activities.