Spanish is once a week at Chandler Oaks.  Classes meet in room B216 and last 45 minutes.  
Homeroom teachers will stay with the class every other week in order to learn right along 
with  the students. Every effort is made to spend the majority of the class time in the target 

Each grade level will be exploring a different area of the Spanish-speaking world. 

Kindergarten has the following central idea for the year: Language is a way to connect with others. 
This is an introductory unit that explores what language is, how there are different languages around 
the world and how language enables us to connect with people. 

First grade's central idea is Language is a way to get knowledge. First grade will be exploring this
 central idea while studying about South America. 

Second grade's central idea is Language is a way to share knowledge. Second grade will be using this 
central idea while learning about Spain. 

Third grade's central idea is Language is used to make sense of the world. Third grade will 
be learning about Mexico.

Fourth grade's central idea is: Language can be used to entertain. Fourth and fifth graders will be
 learning about Central America. 

Fifth grade's central idea is: Language can vary between regions. They will learn Spanish while learning about the three Caribbean countries that speak Spanish: Cuba, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. 

Spanish club flyer (fifth graders only)

2018 - 2019 Invitation to join Spanish Club


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