Who am I?

  • From East Texas. I grew up in Wills Point, TX where I played football, ran cross-country, competed in powerlifting, hunted, fished, worked in construction, remodeling, landscaping, roofing and fencing.

  • Went to Texas A&M - Corpus Christi. I accepted an acting scholarship at the Island University where I learned acting, directing and found technical theatre.

  • Post-Graduate @ Circle in the Square Theatre. After auditioning at NETC in Boston I received another scholarship at the coveted and selective, Circle in the Square on 50th and Broadway in New York, NY.  This was not a master’s program but more of an in-depth acting conservatory.

  • Lived and Worked in NYC. For 4 years I worked various acting, technical theatre and serving jobs including commercials for Google, Coca-Cola and Duracell; industrial commercials, extra work on Spider-man 3, Blue Bloods, PanAm and various TV series and web-series.  

  • I met my wife in New York. She speaks French, lived in Paris, works as a massage therapist and is an artist as well. We recently married after 5 years together and vacationed in British Columbia.

  •  Hobbies. I enjoy gardening, landscaping, hiking, traveling and hanging out with my dog. My favorite food (and would eat them every meal, everyday) are tacos! I have visited the UK, Norway, Japan, South Korea, Canada, France, Brussels, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Italy as well as 40 of the 50 United States.

I believe theatre is an art that incorporates all of the other arts to gives us an in-depth look at our humanity. Theatre has shaped many aspects of my life, my goals and my dreams. It has unlocked so many opportunities for me and given me a wonderful and broad life so far. As a teacher I hope to bestow this gift on students the way my generous teachers and professors have done for me. 

I hope for you to enjoy my class as an exploration in creative thinking. Plan to be inspired, plan to be frustrated, plan to succeed, and plan to have fun! 

Welcome to my class!
Berger (Just like a hamburger.)