Room D2102                                                                
Phone: 512 328-3911
Email: Doug_Landers@roundrockisd.org

Tutoring and Room availability

Before school: I usually get to my room by around 8:15AM. Students can come in to get help, work on projects, do other homework or otherwise behave responsibly. On days when I have a meeting before school (which is most Thursday mornings), I generally leave the room open so students can work on projects.

After school: Students are welcome to come in for help or extra time on projects after school Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  I can usually stay until at least 5:00. Every Wednesday and Friday my room is closed shortly after school and I am not available to students. 

Teaching Schedule for 2017-18
 9:05-10:36     1: Conference               5: Conference
 10:43-12:14   2: POE                           6: IED
 12:21-1:52     3: CEA                           7: POE 
 2:44-4:15       4: POE                           8: POE 

AP + PLTW Recognition from College Board
College Board and PLTW are cooperating for students who qualify to receive special recognition for taking engineering courses and AP science and math. Go to this LINK for more information. You will need to login to your College Board account. The process does not require any difficult information if you meet the requirements [1 PLTW class + 1 AP Class that is listed at the site + 1 more of either PLTW or listed AP class].

Link to  Project Lead the Way  website

Project Lead the Way is an organization dedicated to promoting STEM education in schools. PLTW provides the curriculum, training and many of the resources used in Westwood's engineering classes. Some institutions that accept PLTW high school courses for college credit can be found here, as well as information on scholarships for PLTW students.

Rochester Institute of Technology offers college credit for PLTW courses taken in high school. Students must make an 85 or better for the final grade in the class and get a 6 or higher on the PLTW end of year exam. Families are encouraged to check with colleges & universities your student may attend BEFORE paying the transcript fee, which is typically due the following November.

Sponsored by the US Government, this site has a variety of SAT and ACT prep materials at no cost. This includes lessons and review material, and practice tests.

Engineering Club Competitions:

TAME Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering: Design team challenges and individual tests from students math and science courses. To compete in TAME, students must enter through the Engineering Club. Attendance at TAME informational meetings and practice sessions is required.

ExploraVision Envision technology that could exist 20 years from now.

Westwood Success:

National Winners 2012 Aneesha Komenini, Shruti Subramanian, Corinne Alford and Eley Ng. See their winning website here

Region Winners 2014 Kaan and Batu Ozsaracoglu, Zahin Nambiar and Sameer Bibikar. See their winning website here.

Also, Westwood teams have earned Honorable Mentions, placing them in the top 10% of projects submitted nationally, every year since 2012.

TEAMS Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics and Science: Sponsored by the Technology Student Association. Tests are taken in teams covering different engineering topics from year to year.

Engineering Courses at Westwood:

Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)
Note: IED is different from Gateway to Technology. IED is a prerequisite to all other engineering courses.
Prerequisite: Completion or concurrent enrollment in Geometry [Note: Freshmen in Algebra I can take IED as a sophomore, and then double-up on engineering classes later]

Principles of Engineering (POE)
Prerequisite: IED and completion of Geometry

Digital Electronics (DE)
Prerequisite: 11th grade and completion of IED or completion of Comp. Sci

Civil Engineering & Architecture (CEA)
Prerequisite: 11th grade and completion of IED

Aerospace Engineering (AE)
Prerequisite: 11th grade and completion of IED

Engineering Design & Development (EDD)
Prerequisite: 12th grade and completion of IED

Open House