About Mr. Baceski

  • David Baceski

  • david_baceski@roundrockisd.org

  • Penn State Grad, UT Maven

  • I teach AP Principles of Computer Science P's 1, 4, 6, 7, 8 and DIM P3

  • School phone – 464-6356

  • Room: A-108

  • About me: I was born in Pennsylvania but got to Texas as quickly as I could. I've lived in Austin since 1982. Before teaching I was in the high tech publishing industry and was an owner of a small company that produced magazines for worldwide distribution. I am married and the proud but subservient owner of two domineering akitas and one very regal feline.

About AP Principles of Computer Science: This course is driven toward the completion of two major projects and passing the AP exam. Though we do learn programming, this is not a programming course and will also require the student to master collaboration with other students, technical writing, and algorithm design. Having said that, it's also a lot of fun and I will do my best to make it enjoyable as well as worthwhile.

About DIM: This course is about digital media which encompasses a world of possibilities from still images, to animation, to video, to music, to business files -- in fact almost everything recorded digitally. It's also about creativity and learning new skills that can lead to professional certifications in Photoshop and Premiere Pro (video).