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Did you know that many major colleges and universities require at least 2 years of study of the same language?  Some institutions prefer 3 or more years. 
Did you know that Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the World (1st is Mandarin Chinese, Wikipedia).
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This is an introductory course that is designed for students with no prior knowledge of Spanish.  This is the same course that is taught at the high school, except that at CTMS, the course is split into two years.  This course teaches basic language grammar, over 500 words/phrases, and easily recognizable communication skills. Imagine being plucked out of the United States and dropped into a Spanish speaking country. The student will be able to communicate basic needs such as asking and giving directions, ordering in a restaurant, shopping, and communicating health needs.  Developing all four language skills( listening, speaking, reading and writing) is a high concentration .  Culture is another aspect of the course and it often crosses content, such as geography, history, and social studies.  Please note that at the end of the second year of study, the student will NOT be fully fluent in Spanish.  This ability takes years of study and practice.

These are some of the functions that the student will be able to perform at the end of this course:
Express likes and dislikes
 Use common phrases and expressions
 Greet and respond to introductions
 Describe people and objects
 Weather and Seasons
 Days of the week, months of the year, and holidays
 Telling Time in Spanish
 Numbers 0 through 1,000,000
 Basic grammar and verb conjugations
 Various Cultures and Geography of the World
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