Spring Show

  • The Spring Show is a performance for the Cedar Ridge Royalty dance team. Dance Department and Academy classes perform as special guests of the team.
  • Every eligible Cedar Ridge dance student will perform in the Spring Show. “Eligible” for the show means each dancer must pass ALL of their classes for the 4th six weeks to participate in the Show. Eligibility can only be re-gained with the 5th 6 weeks IPR.
  • The week of April 13th will be a busy one. Dress Rehearsals for all dance classes will be held the week of the show during class time (days/times for classes will vary) with the show on April 17 (7pm), April 18 (1pm), and April 18 (7pm). Which show(s) you are in will vary by class.
  • The start time for the show is 7pm/1pm However, dancers must roll check at 6pm/12pm inside the auditorium. Again, clear your calendars now for this event and invite everyone you know! This is also a mandatory performance for those who are academically eligible and students will receive individual grades based on their participation and/or knowledge of the performance material.
  • Those students not eligible must learn the dance and do an additional written assignment. This performance/alternate assignment is worth 33% of grade.
  • Dancers must arrange for all transportation to and from the PAC for both rehearsal and the show for this event.