Dance Educators Class

Dance I, Dance Wellness I 7116

Dance II, Dance Wellness II 7126

Dance III, Dance Wellness III 7136

Dance IV, Dance Wellness IV 7146

Students in this course will study to be lifelong learners in the skills of dance and participate in healthy lifestyle activities. Students will study dance and fitness pedagogy and create lessons and activities to collaborate with students on different educational levels.

For this course, you student is embarking on a wonderful new connection with Elementary and Middle schools in the district. They will plan, travel, and teach at various locations. 10th-12th grade only.

Must be 10th-12th grade, must have parent travel permissions, must have taken a previous dance course at Cedar Ridge, must have teacher approval to take this course

What are the objectives in this class?

    • To gain knowledge, confidence, and experience in the principles, methods, and applications of dance pedagogy.
    • To look at future options in dance or it’s application and impact in daily lives.
    • Examines theories, methods, and assessment tools in the teaching of creative movement to children in grades PK-5. Concentrates on basics of movement learning, developmentally appropriate activities, lesson planning, and skill in classroom instruction. Integration of dance in PK-5 curriculum and multicultural environment is discussed. Observation of dance classroom settings required.
    • To become competent, thoughtful, teachers of dance
        • to address philosophical reasons for teaching dance
        • to learn sequential, age-appropriate methods for teaching dance
        • to develop objectives, methodologies, and skills in specific dance styles
        • to encourage self-assessment of one’s own teaching effectiveness and evaluation of student learning
        • to develop methodologies for addressing multiple learning styles
    • To help elementary students
        • learn self-discipline, self-confidence and dedication through dance using the body as an expressive instrument
        • work on technical development as a dancer
        • develop kinesthetic awareness
        • develop a dance vocabulary
        • understand proper conditioning and stretching principles
        • understand proper health and nutrition and body awareness
        • understand basic anatomy
        • be able to find rhythm of music
        • improve artistic and expressive nature, memorization, and execution as a performer
        • look at future options in dance or it’s application and impact in daily lives.