Welcome Cheetahs!

Week of March 5th

I will send out a reminder email by Monday afternoon for updates of the week.  Please visit the website to see announcements, information about important dates as well as upcoming events on the homepage. I hope that you will find my website helpful.


-Class Group Pictures and individual photos will be taken on March 8.  

-Field Trip to Austin Science Nature Center The 2nd graders are scheduled to go on a field to the Nature Center on March 22, 9-2:00.  Going home today is a permission slip form. Please sign and return the form by this Friday.  We will also need 3 chaperones. Please let me know if you would like to accompany of us this trip.  Please make sure you have filled out the Volunteer Background Check that can be found on the school's site. Here is the link to the complete the process online: link

-Education week:March 5-9
-Monday: Wear a collage shirt or your favorite colors
Tuesday:Going to collage is a Jean-ius Idea: Wear jeans/denim
Wednesday: Your future is bright! Wear bright colors
Thursday:Set up for education:Wear sneakers/tennis shoes
Friday: LME shirt ,or any school shirt to show your PRIDE!

-Scholastic Book Orders Due Friday, March 9th

Click here to order books!

-We are in need of Kleenex/Hand sanitizer/Clorox wipes. If you are able to, please donate them to the class. Thank you!!

-Celebrity Reader-If you have not gotten a chance to sign up for Celebrity Reader there is still plenty of time. We have many empty slots on the schedule! We would love to have you!

-Friday E-Slot(Friday 8:00-9:00am)-If you are interested in facilitating any one of these topics, please email me.  

Cheetahs' Top 10 Interest- Cooking/Pets/Magic/World cultures/Languages/Minecraft/Arts and Crafts /Playing Games /Outer space/Rocks and Minerals 

**Weekly update ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ : Week 1 schedule-MUSIC/PE

Healthy Fruit/Veggie of the Week: 

Mar. 5-9: Pineapple

Be sure to send your cheetah with a healthy snack each day!!

Spelling-Open and closed syllable words
Pattern words: robot,falcon,moment,absent,silver,locate,cable,napkin,insect,publish
Reading -We will continue with our research on Trout. We will finish taking notes, organize and write our notes into paragraphs, create out product and present.
Writing/Grammar-  Continue with research 
Math - Students will generate and solve problem situations for a given mathematical number sentence involving addition and subtraction of whole numbers within 1,000.
ScienceStudents will begin learning about objects in the sky: moon, sun and stars. They will discuss the traits of these objects and begin tracking the phases of the moon.
Social Studies: The students will demonstrate their knowledge of the 3 types of communities: urban, rural and suburb. They will compare and contrast the communities.

**Library day is on Wednesdays. Please remind your child to bring their books back on Wednesdays for new ones.                                          

**Important Dates
  • March 9, 8:30-11:00am: G2 & G3 Enrichment Cluster Showcase
  • March 12-16: Spring Break - Student and Staff Holiday

**Information for You

1.School hours are 7:25- 2:55. Tardy bell is promptly at 7:40. Absent will be marked at 9:00. Please make sure your child is in the classroom at the appropriate time.

*Tardy: Students are marked tardy if they are not in the classroom at 7:40.  Please make sure that you drop your children off by 7:35 to give them time to walk to the classroom and remind them to go straight to class. Thank you for your support!

2.Send a healthy snack and a refillable water bottle to school with your child everyday. Snack time is at 9:00.

3.  If you plan to volunteer at LME in any capacity this year, please fill out the Volunteer Application as soon as possible. This will ensure that your application has plenty of time to process prior to the event. This form needs to be renewed every year.

4.Please make sure that your child knows how he/she will go home every day.  If there is a transportation change, please let me know through email before 12:30.  After 12:30, please contact the school's office( 512-464-4300) and they will notify me of the change.

5.Student BirthdaysParty invitations are not allowed to be handed out at school. We do not allow bday parties in the classroom or during lunch. And parents are not allowed to bring treats or gifts of any kind to hand out to the class. Thanks for your help in this matter.

6. If your child will be absent, please fill out the online form. This will notify me and the office of your child's absence.This form can always be found on LME's homepage.

7. The Aligned Round Rock Curriculum shows the general schedule of what we will be learning this year in second grade.

8. Here are Round Rock ISD's guidelines for second grade: 2nd Grade Report Cards.

Class Mission Statement

The Cheetahs are here to learn, have fun, and be safe by showing our best effort in all we do.