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August 3-6, August 10-13 from 9 am to 12 pm

If you have any questions, please let one of the directors know. 

On Saturday May 2nd we took all three of our advanced bands to the Alamo Showcase of Music in San Antonio. 

As you can see from the picture above, they were incredibly successful! All bands received a ratings trophy for their Superior performances. Each band also won the best in class trophy, beating out the other bands in their category. And finally the Honors Band won the OUTSTANDING OVERALL trophy for being chosen the best of all the bands that performed that weekend.

This caps off the MOST SUCCESSFUL year in the Cedar Valley Middle School Band program EVER! We are so proud of our band students! 

On Saturday, May 2nd, the advanced band members performed in the RRISD Solo & Ensemble Festival. Students played solos and ensembles for judges. They were then awarded a score of 1 to 5, the first of which is the highest score. Additionally select students were awarded the title of Outstanding Performer.

We had 89 events awarded a 1 on their solo/ensemble. Their names are listed below. Additionally, of those students 33 were given the Outstanding Performer award. They are also listed below. Some students are listed twice because they earned this award for their Solo AND their ensemble!

We are very proud of these students! They worked hard and earned several medals for CeVMS.

Austin Oldroyd SoloOne
Harshitha Dhulapia SoloOne
Daniel Levi SoloOne
Jerry Han SoloOne
Ashlynn Althaus SoloOne
Rodolfo Guttierrez SoloOne
Aleah Erickson SoloOne
Angela Reavis SoloOne
Max Kennedy SoloOne
Jonathan Parsons SoloOne
Behk TrioOne
Spencer Phelps SoloOne
Kim Nguyen SoloOne
Sage Sanford SoloOne
Sonya Shah SoloOne
Esyl Behk SoloOne
Brynna Justice SoloOne
Andres Aguillera SoloOne
Aiden Penman SoloOne
Audrey Fletcher SoloOne
Bryson Hill SoloOne
Jack Granger SoloOne
Christian Nguyen SoloOne
Jenny Nguyen SoloOne
Matthew Parish SoloOne
Soomin Kim SoloOne
Franchesca Dalton SoloOne
Sofia Barbarena SoloOne
Benjamin Wiseman SoloOne
Miranda Contello SoloOne
Caroline Korinek SoloOne
Davis Linson SoloOne
Andy Chen SoloOne
Soomin Kim DuetOne
Sansrithi Krish SoloOne
Noel Cruz SoloOne
Alyssa Amaya Solo One
Jacob Byerly SoloOne
Madison Upshaw SoloOne
Albright TrioOne
Mattie Calhoun SoloOne
Ryan Kerr SoloOne
Alex Lilavois SoloOne
Adam Colvin SoloOne
Ballada QuintetOne
Alex Lee SoloOne
Calhoun DuetOne
Simran Shah SoloOne
Jana Erni SoloOne
Jason Wang SoloOne
Aiden Smoot SoloOne
Sugam Aurora SoloOne
Angie Park SoloOne
Austin Lin SoloOne
Stella Kimn SoloOne
Oliver Werner SoloOne
Sonia Ballada SoloOne
Cooper Leusch SoloOne
Ben Spelce SoloOne
Carson Jones SoloOne
Alex Fellers SoloOne
Joseph Liu SoloOne
Meredith Mattei SoloOne
Elizabeth Chimitt SoloOne
Arya Amin SoloOne
Dylan Treyger SoloOne
Chimitt DuetOne
Nguyen QuartetOne
Kim QuintetOne
Kaylee Veazey SoloOne
Aritro Basu SoloOne
Diego Torres SoloOne
Aiden JohnsonOne
Elizabeth Cazes SoloOne
Christina O'Dwyer SoloOne
Amin QuartetOne
Erni TrioOne
Tangutur SoloOne
Brandon Marquez SoloOne
Joseph Punske SoloOne
Simon Henthorn  SoloOne
Trevor Shook SoloOne
Andrew Murphy SoloOne
Nikit Valmiki SoloOne
Andrew Kim SoloOne
Govind Joshi SoloOne
Tighe Kennedy SoloOne
Dustin Jang SoloOne
Jonathan Pintar SoloOne

Outstanding Performer

Andrew Kim
Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen
Andy Chen
Angie Park
Angie Park
Aritro Basu
Arya Amin
Austin Lin
Austin Lin
Ben Spelce
Benjamin Wiseman
Carson Jones
Esyl Behk
Govind Joshi
Gracie Sadler
Jana Erni
Jana Erni
Jason Wang
Jason Wang
Joseph Punske
Julia Perry
Meredith Mattei
Meredith Mattei
Nikit Valmiki
Nikit Valmiki
Sansrithi Krish
Simran Shah
Soomin Kim
Soomin Kim
Sugam Aurora
Sugam Aurora

Congrats to Beginners Chosen as
During Beginner Solo Festival

Flute - Lyssa Frank
Oboe - Srujan Mupparapu & Evelyn Tjoa
Clarinet - Faith Keng
Alto Sax - Om Dalvi
Trumpet - Ian Vaughn
Horn - Holden Henegar
Trombone - PJ Tisch
Tuba - Cameron Bui
Percussion - Christian Becker


Capital Trip, The Trombone King - March 4, 2015

Congratulations to Sonya Shah
for winning the RRHS Band Camp Scholarship!

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Dragon Band @ the Tournament of Roses Parade!

CeVMS Band Directors named Teachers of the Month!!!!

YouTube Video

Way to go Region Band Members!

- Jason Wang, 8th grade
- Arya Amin, 8th grade
- Sugam Arora, 8th grade

Alto Saxophone
- Govind Joshi, 8th grade
- Andrew Kim, 8th grade

Tenor Saxophone
- Joseph Punske, 8th grade, 2ND CHAIR OVERALL

Baritone Saxophone
- Nikit Valmiki, 8th grade, 2ND CHAIR OVERALL

- Ryan Kerr, 8th grade
- Drew Albright, 8th grade

- Adam Conlan, 8th grade

- Max Goodrich, 8th grade

- Ben Spelce, 8th grade 1ST CHAIR OVERALL

CONGRATS to all the students who earned District Band Honors!

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