UPCOMING:  4th Grade "Destination America"
 and Art Show   Feb 26th 6:00

 I have had an amazing group of 5th graders knitting infant hats for preemie babies, and scarves for the homeless. These students often come at recces and on their own time creating for others. They definitely understand the "art" of taking care of others. Many thanks to them.

5th Grade Rubric
  • Reflection finished on note card:

    • Explain why you chose your word and what it means to you.

    • What is your color scheme?

    • Why did you choose the materials you did?

    • What was a challenge? What was a success?What would you change?

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I am so excited to be your child's art teacher this year. It is my goal to teach EACH CHILD how to observe and interpret what they see in attractive and/or meaningful ways, just as they learn the elements involved in creative writing or playing sports.  
In order for them to do so, they need to be given the tools that will help them develop their personal expression, creativity and style.
The elements of art are like numbers, words, or musical notes-  they are the basics, which are manipulated and combined in different ways to achieve an artwork. In art class, each student learns about the art elements: line, shape, color, texture and space among other techniques. Making art is a process and one that I am lucky to enjoy with your children.

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