Entering my 3rdd year here at Round Rock High School, I'm still excited to be a part of the Dragon Nation. It was a goal of mine to teach/coach at Round Rock High School ever since the mid-to-late 90's. Years later, I finally made it and plan to enjoy this time as best I can.

My teaching/coaching career really started in Grand Forks, North Dakota, where I graduated high school. It was then that I was called to be a teacher. I graduated from Texas Tech University and received my first teaching assignment in Schulenburg, Texas. In 2009, I earned my Masters degree in Education Administration from Prairie View A&M University, landed in Round Rock and couldn't be happier.

Better Late than NEVER!

       Wreck 'Em TECH!
Contact Information:
email:  brian_tarvin@roundrockisd.org
phone: 512-704-1877