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QR Reader

The free version of this app contains ads. It is $0.99 to remove the ads. Teachers and students can use this to read QR codes as well as to create QR codes that can be copied and pasted into documents, presentations, websites, and more. The reader section keeps a history of what has been scanned. The creator section allows users to create QR codes for websites, text, email addresses, GEO location, and more. Videos:
The magic of QR Codes in the Classroom

More Information:
QR Reader for iPhone and iPad

This app is only for scanning. It is very easy and user friendly especially with small children. It also stores the history of scanned codes.
 Website/Tool Description Resources
Visualead Visualead is a site for creating QR codes. It allows the person creating to use an image in the background. There are different designs from which to choose.
RecordMP3 This is a website that allows teachers and students to record themselves. No registration or account set up is required to use. The user simply records and saves, and a URL is generated. This URL can then be pasted into a QR code generator. Videos:
Create Audio QR Codes
Additional Resources for the Classroom
QR Codes in the Classroom - Pinterest
Kathy Schrok's Guide to Everything - QR Codes in the Classroom