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Counting Money

The free version allows the students to use all of the features of the app. However, ads will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.  Videos:
Counting Money App
Freefall Money

Although this is not a free app, it provides different ways for students to practice counting money.  Videos:
Freefall Money - The Best iPad/iPhone App to Practice Counting Money

This is an interactive tool where students can manipulate "rubber bands" to create shapes and explore relationships between polygons. Videos:
PiPad Mathematics: Math Learning Center iPad App Geoboard
PiPad Mathematics: Math Learning Center Geoboard Polygons

Math Slide
$1.99 for upgrade

This app is a multiplayer game which focuses on helping students practice place value problems (hundreds, tens, and ones). The free version allows each game to be played twice (there are a total of 10 different games). The upgrade costs $1.99 in which students can then play unlimited games.  
Number Pieces

This app by the Math Learning Center provides students the ability to break apart and group pieces that represent hundreds, tens, and ones. Pieces can be rotated and students can draw and label objects on the board. Not only can it be used for place value, but for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Videos:
iPad Mathematics Education Number Pieces App and Base 10 Blocks

Place Value MAB

This app which uses Multibase Arithmetic Blocks (MAB) is designed to help students with place value. It provides different types of questions/problems for students to solve. The highest place value is the hundreds. Videos:
Place Value MAB for iPad
Teaching Number Lines

This app provides different activities using number lines to learn about jumping forwards, backwards, skip counting, and sequencing.  Videos:
Teaching Number Lines for iPad and iPhone
Virtual Manipulatives!

This app has fraction bars for students to explore and create connections. The fractions are also displayed as parts of a circle. There is an whiteboard where students can write down what they observe. It also shows the decimal and percentage equivalents. Videos:
Virtual Manipulatives App