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Daisy the Dinosaur
This is an app that is only available for the iPad. It is used to teach young children the fundamentals of programming and coding using a friendly interface. The children have a list of commands to choose from which makes the dinosaur move a particular way. Videos:
Making things move Daisy the Dinosaur
 Popplet Lite
The free version allows users to create only one popplet (visual map) which can be saved to the Camera Roll using the screenshot technique (holding the Home button and the power button at the same time). Students can add text, draw, add images, and videos.  Videos:
Popplet Lite Tutorial
How to Use Popplet App in the Classroom

Ways to Use in the Classroom:
The 5 Senses and Popplet with Michelle Brymesser
Sock Puppets

The free app allows 30 seconds of recording time. Additional time can be purchased in the App store. Characters, settings, and props are selected to create a scene. The sock puppets move their mouths in sync with the person speaking. Videos can then be shared on YouTube or saved onto the Camera Roll. Videos:
Sock Puppets Tutorial
How to Use Sock Puppets App

Ways to Use in the Classroom:
Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers
Visiting the Farm
Ideas for Classroom Application

Venn Diagram

This app allows users to create Venn Diagrams using two or three overlapping circles. It does require a user to be added. However, the teacher can create a single user for the whole classroom (see video for explanation).  Videos:
Venn Diagram App 101