Welcome to Hurungaterangi 4

Kia ora koutou,

Hurungaterangi 4 is an extension BYOC classroom. There is an expectation that extension students will show an excellent attitude to learning. This will be demonstrated by working conscientiously in all areas, completing work to a high standard, and striving for excellence. There will be opportunities provided to participate in Otago problem solving, ICAS examinations and later on in the year in newsteam and Rotomaths competitions.  

About me- Mrs Chand

I have worked at Rotorua Intermediate as an extension (accelerate) teacher since 2007. My passions include maths, writing and art.

Within the school I am an Ako leader; I lead a team of four extension teachers. In addition to this I also oversee Chinese language learning.


Hurungaterangi Four


    Hurungaterangi Year 7’s (2 classes) will be going to camp from 30     October to 1 November at Totara Springs, Matamata. 

    The expectation is that all students will attend as education              outside of the classroom is part of the curriculum. The price is         $215.00 per student and an AP can be set up. All fees must be         paid prior to 28 October.