WELCOME    TO      R.I.S.  

he term Culinary Art refers to the process of cooking and arranging food. Culinary
Arts is more than just cooking- experts in this field not only prepare enticing food,

 but they also create palatable works of art. The food is carefully prepared and 
 assembled so that it is pleasurable to the taste buds and aesthetically pleasing

                    to the eye. The foundation of much culinary education is replication. It is an

 important skill and is undeniably a foundation in culinary education. It
empowers students to cook creatively by improving and building their

                          culinary skills and this incorporates problem solving, palate 

                                            development, teamwork and communication. 

                                         Learning by 'doing'   becomes equally relevant

                                                        and memorable to students.



   At  R. I .S.  our   focus  is   to  create   an   environment   of     innovation   and   
     that  focuses  on  providing   an  enriching  (fun)  culinary  experience  for all   our
     students. They   will  experience basic  cooking  at grass  roots by  building
    skills and  techniques  that will  aide  them in  their  present and future

       lives.  Again,  it  will  also  expand  their spirit into a new visualization

       of  food   as  an   art  form. As students reflect on the five senses of

        sight, smell , taste, touch  and  hearing, they will  discover 

          culinary  possibilities  and  look for  new innovative

                   ideas  and  maybe even experience  a

                  culinary 'awakening'.


                      Many people who share a passion be it in cooking or baking are rewarded

                        by transforming   their   passions into successful careers.  Again, students 

                          will understand such a career   choice   does present the opportunity for

                              one to travel the globe cooking in great locations. It also presents 

                                       an array of inspiring vocational opportunities  and opens 

                                            doorways for those who want to aspire to their dream

                                                in this field.  I sure we all  know there are such 

                                                    students who  would like  to 'live the dream' in such  

                                                                                   a dynamic industry.





“We all eat, and it would be a sad waste  of 
   opportunity to eat badly.”

 Anna Thomas

Our thought: This is especially true in our 

world of processed and fast foods.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep

 well, if one has not dined well.

                                  Virginia Wolf

After a good dinner one can forgive 

anybody, even one’s own relatives.” 

 Oscar Wilde

“People want honest, flavourful food, not 

 some show-off meal that takes days to


  Ted Allen




Our thought: No matter where you are in 

the world, the common experience that

 brings us together is food.