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Through the provision of engaging learning opportunities, within our collaborative learning environment, students will demonstrate self-management skills and be inspired to be creative.’

The pathways programme at R.I.S. essentially provides our students with the opportunity to experience a range of contemporary practical and digital skills not necessarily available in general classrooms. It is believed that after exposure to these skills oour students will be beeter equipped to make informed decisions regarding their career pathway choices in the future.

Each subject in the pathways programme incorporates a design element where students are encouraged to create and construct products of their own design while using a wide range of contemporary technologies.

The subjects we are currently offering are:

Design and Construction Technology
Performance Media

Music Performance

Adolescent Health
Minecraft Design

Graphic Design
Culinary Arts 


Each   Whanau   (4/5 classes)  divdided  into  8 equal  groups  of  mixed  year  7  &  8 students. Each group spends one term at each subject - covering 8 subjects over a two year period.