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App Video Tutorials

Book Creator Part 1:(length - 2:11) Book Creator is an app that students can use to create a book with text, images, and sound. This video explains how to start a book and create a cover page.

Book Creator Part 2(length - 5:33) This video picks up where part 1 leaves off and demonstrates how to use the inspector, add pages, re-order pages, and record voice. 

Book Creator Part 3(length - 1:22) This video explains how to export a completed book to iBooks.

Educreations(length - 3:03) Educreations is an app that students can use to record and replay their voice, handwriting and drawing. This tutorial video covers adding handwriting, typed text and audio to a page, recording voice to create a movie, saving and replaying the video.

iMovie(length - 5:10) This video will show students how to create audio recordings of stories or poems and add pictures to illustrate their words.

Popplet(length - 8:15) Popplet is an app that allows students to create a graphic organizer with text and images. This tutorial video covers creating and naming a Popplet, tools, adding popples, adding images, adding facts, and exporting to camera roll.

Sharing Popplet Through Google Drive(length - 3:10)This tutorial covers adding an image to a Google Drive account, naming it, and sharing it with a teacher. Although this tutorial was created for sharing a Popplet, it may be used to learn how to add any image to a Google Drive account.

Puppet Pals(length - 0:00) Puppet Pals is an app that allows students to create puppet shows using their own photos, saved images, or internet images. Students are able to record their own voices over the puppet shows.

Saving a Picture to Photos(length - 1:33)This tutorial covers taking a picture with the camera app and saving an image from the Internet. These images may then be used in other apps that use images.

Using Google Drive App to Create a Word Document: (length - 2:56) This tutorial shows students how to use iPads and the Google Drive app to sign into their Ross Google account and type a paper.

Using Google Drive App to Share a Document: (length - 0:51) This tutorial explains how to share a document that has already been started. 

Using Google Drive App to Add Comments to a Document: (length - 1:41) This tutorial covers adding comments to Google documents using iPads and the Google Drive app. Once a document has been shared with teachers and other students, the documents can be commented on to make editing suggestions.

Websites that recommend and review apps

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