Science faculty consists of the following courses:
  • Agriculture
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Electronics
  • Physics

Science faculty prepare students not just for science-related careers, but also prepare students holistically to face the wider world. 
In senior classes, some achievement standard also offers numeracy and literacy credits at all three NCEA levels. 
In junior school students are encouraged to participate in Kiwi Science Competition and in Epro 8 challenge

Year 11 science students can take part in Brain Bee Challenge
Contact Science Faculty:
Dr(Mrs) M.Sandhu
(Head of Science faculty & Physics teacher)
Mr. S. Stanning
(Head of Biology Department)
Mrs. J. Lambha
(Head of Physics Department)
Ms. A. Poelman 
( Head of Chemistry Department)
Agriculture teacher-in-charge:
Mr. J.Taylor:
Biology Staff:
Mrs. K. Kokohu:
Mrs. Austin:
Ms. D. Mackay(HoH Kahurangi)
Ms. E. Lafaele;
Ms. H. Munga;
Ms. A. Kaur;
Chemistry Staff:
Mr. W.Madgwick (Associate Principal):
Mr. S.Palmer: S.palmer@
Mrs. S. Edwards:
Mrs. Austin:
Physics Staff:
Mr. I. Neziri:i.neziri@
Mr. G.
Other science staff:
Mr. G. Botha:g.botha@
Mr. P.

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  Science Biology Chemistry
 General Science courses run in Years 9, 10 and 11. In these courses students will explore the nature of our Universe, our Earth, Living Things, Materials and the workings of our Physical World.  

 In Year 12 and 13 Biology courses students will look deeper into the workings of Plants, Animals and the environment in which they live.

 In Year 12 and 13 Chemistry courses students will begin to work with a greater range of chemicals, studying their reactions and the practical uses of them in our everyday lives.

  Physics Agriculture Electronics
In Year 12 and 13 Physics courses students will explore the mechanics of simple machines, the movement of objects and many other physical phenomena in our universe.
In Year 11 and 12 Agriculture courses, students will explore livestock, pasture, crop and soil management practices and investigate the impact of the practices on the environment.

In year 12and 13 electronics course ..