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Price Announced for Chromebooks for 2016

January 31, 2016
Noel Leeming Papakura informs Rosehill College that stocks of the Acer 730 bundle have been exhausted.

Noel Leeming has replaced the stock of Acer 730 with a Acer model that is slightly more expensive and a Hewlett Packard model which matches the price of the old Acer 730.

The Acer 730E ('E' stands for Education) has some small internal upgrades over the 730 which makes it useful if families can afford the extra $30.

Go to the Devices page to see the Noel Leeming Papakura flyer.

Chromebooks are EASY to Use

The school still has questions from people about why Chromebooks are so heavily recommended by schools around the world.
The articles below probably say it all.        COMPUTERWORLD      THE ELECTRIC EDUCATOR       GROOVY POST        FORBES

External Evaluation of Rosehill College's BYOD Progress

Rosehill College is committed to a rigorous evaluation of our transition to eLearning within a 1:1 BYOD framework.
To gain an unbiased viewpoint, we have accepted an offer from Auckland University of Technology to research our work, with a view to incorporating that research into our continuous cycle of review. If used sensibly, the research will allow us to leverage the best of our progress and make rapid amends to the parts which need to be remedied.

Our AUT researcher is Dr Leon Benade who has a very strong background in education, including a role as school Principal. In June/July of 2015, Leon has been observing Year 9/10 classes and running focus groups with students, teachers and parents. Also, an anonymous survey was sent to all 800 juniors for feedback about their BYOD experiences.

Once this body of work is complete and analysed, Leon will run presentations with staff and parents to review the findings. 


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