Migrate Data
Review important information about how, what and when your data is being moved to Google Apps.

Pre-migration Information for Staff & Faculty

And… the countdown begins! Information Technology Services will soon begin migrating all faculty and staff email accounts, calendars and contacts to Google Apps for Education. The information provided below contains important information regarding timeline and end user preparation. 


4/23/12 – 4/26/12                     Early Adopters - Move personal/archived (PST) files to current Inbox.

4/26/12 – 4/27/12                     Early Adopters - Begin Migration (Email)

4/28/12 – 4/29/12                     Early Adopters - Finish Migration (Calendar & Contacts)

4/30/12                                     Early Adopter Go-Live

5/1/12 – 5/24/12                       Faculty & Staff - Move personal/archived (PST) files to Exchange Mailbox.                                       

5/25/12 – 6/10/12                     Faculty & Staff – Migration Process

The migration will be run three times in total as follows:

Phase 1 (May 25 - May 30)  The bulk of your email (all mail up to this point) is migrated.

Phase 2 (June 1 - June 3)  All new email received between the Phase 1 and Phase 2 is migrated.

Phase 3 (June 8 - 10)  Remaining email between Phase 2 and Go-Live is migrated, in addition to your calendar and personal contacts. 

6/11/12                                     Faculty & Staff GO-LIVE!!!


ITS will migrate your email, calendar and personal contacts for you.


Email Messages                        All email will be migrated.

Email state (read vs unread)     Email state will migrate.

Folders and nested folders        Folders map to labels in Google Mail.

Junk E-mail                                You can delete in Google Mail.

Deleted Items                             Deleted items are labeled as Trash in Google Mail (will permanently deleted after 30 days).                                               

Attachments                               Attachments are migrated with the exception of Executable files (EXE).                                                       

Message Flags                           Flags appear as stars in Gmail.


Default Calendar                        Includes all events, descriptions, attendees, and locations.                                

Additional Calendars                  Shared calendars are migrated for the owner, but not for other users who have access.    

Event Reminders                                

Free/Busy Status                       Only other Google Apps users can see free/busy status in Google Calendar.                       


Contacts                                      All personal contacts will be migrated.


To prepare for the migration, please spend some time reviewing the Going Google User Adopter Site at https://sites.google.com/a/rosalindfranklin.edu/google.

How well your email is organized after migration depends on how well it is organized BEFORE migration. This checklist will help ensure you have a smooth transition to your new Google Mail account.

Exchange Outlook/Entourage CALENDAR

To ensure a successful migration, you will need to…

  • Review your meetings for attachments. Copy any meeting attachments that are needed since meeting attachments do not migrate.
  • Note any category definitions or category assignments on your calendars since these do not migrate. 

Exchange Outlook/Entourage CONTACTS

Clean up your Contacts address book to prevent unwanted contacts from showing up in your Google account.

Exchange Outlook/Entourage EMAIL - Completion Date of 5/24/12

To ensure a successful migration, you will need to…

  • Rename any folders that have the caret character (^) in the name.
  • Rename any folders that share the same parent name.
  • Ensure that all folders, including subfolders, contain at least one email message. Empty folders will not migrate.
  • If you don’t want your Deleted Items and/or Junk Email migrated, be sure to empty those folders.
  • Check for long or nested folder paths to make sure the paths to the folder (e.g. FY2010/Spring/May) do not exceed 225 characters. If any of them do, rename those folders to be less than 225 characters. Folder names or paths longer than 225 characters will be truncated during the migration.
  • If you use the following and would like to use them in Gmail, make a copy for reference since these do not migrate.

o   Any rules that you have for email

o   Email signatures

o   Tasks

o   Personal Contact Groups

o   Delegated mailbox settings

o   Notes

o   Filters

o   Category Definitions or Category Assignments

Folders vs. Labels – “Folders” and subfolders map to “Labels” in Google email. For example, a message located in a folder hierarchy of Projects>Datatel>HR would migrate to Google with the label "Projects/Datatel/HR". Once your mail has migrated, you can manage labels in your Google email settings. To learn more about labels watch the 8-minute video segment "Labels vs Folders".

Personal/Archived (PST) Files Completion Date of 5/24/12

Your Exchange mailbox storage has been increased to accommodate the addition of PST files.

IF you have personal/archived (PST) files that you’d like to include in the migration, we recommend the following:

  1. Create a new folder in your main or root folder of your mailbox to store your archived messages, ie. “Old Mail” or “Archived Email”.  
  2. POPULATE THE NEW FOLDER WITH AT LEAST ONE EMAIL MESSAGE (remember – empty folders will not migrate).  
  3. Move (drag & drop) folders from your archive (local computer) to this newly created folder.  

NOTE - The desktop mail client will be removed shortly after Go-Live. Therefore, in order to retain access to your archived messages, you will need to move them to the Exchange server no later than end of workday, Thursday, May 24th.

Again, how well your email is organized after migration depends on how well it is organized BEFORE migration. Take this opportunity to delete any files that you no longer need.