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Final Day to Move Archived Mail [Going Google]

posted Jun 9, 2012, 2:37 PM by Dana Frederick
Emailed 5/24/12

You have until 6:00pm this evening to move locally stored personal/archived PST files back to your Outlook/Entourage Mailbox.

What is a PST file? 
Messages that have been archived from your Outlook/Entourage Mailbox to your local machine as displayed below.

Inline image 1 

How do I move my PST files? 

1. Create a new folder in your main or root folder of your mailbox to store your archived messages, ie. “Old Mail” or “Archived Email”.

2. POPULATE THE NEW FOLDER WITH AT LEAST ONE EMAIL MESSAGE (remember – empty folders will not migrate).

3. Move (drag & drop) folders from your archive (local computer) to this newly created folder.

A short video has been added to the Going Google User Adoption site to help guide you through the recommended process for moving PSTs.

When will I begin using my new Gmail account?

Faculty and staff will begin using their RFUMS Google Apps account on June 11, 2012.

Still have questions?

Contact the Helpdesk at 847-578-8800.