The Vesteal Series

A tale of violent magic, intrigue, and statecraft, the Vesteal Series is the story of four who are banished beyond the edge of the map to a land of gnarled forests, ancient magic, and the site of a terrible murder. Their struggles to survive will put them at odds with their families, their nation, and the very powers that shaped the world.

Vesteal Series Happenings
The Vastnessthe third and final book of the Vesteal Series is finished and with our editors. It is due to be released later 2017.
Trade Paperback Version - New covers and a second edition of book one are in flight as part of a trade paperback release of the series, all due out in 2017.
Brick Movie - After successful Kickstarter funding, production of the brick movie version of Ghosts in the Yew is underway!
Audio Book version of Native Silver - It is with much sadness that the audio book version of Native Silver has been delayed, due to the death of one of our voice actors, Bill Dunbar. He was a remarkable man and will be missed. Finding a replacement will be difficult.