Competencies are:

  • The broad overarching student understandings within each discipline.
  • The framework for which each learning goal and learning experience are aligned.
  • The umbrella under which students shape their inquiry questions.
  • The essential understandings that lead to the complex and conceptual knowledge and skills necessary for the application of learning.

Approaching Understanding: Students are beginning to recognize relevant information, preparing to identify basic ideas, and can repeat what they have heard.

Constructing Understanding: Students can recall pertinent facts, perform simple calculations, describe specific relationships, patterns, and/or events, summarize texts, make predictions given context and clues, and compare and/or classify content.

Applying Understanding: Students can develop arguments and support conclusions with evidence and details, design investigations and use the steps of inquiry to answer complex problems, revise theirs and others’ work, analyze and/or synthesize information to formulate a new more complex understanding, connect new learning with the world and varying disciplines, design experiments and/or evaluate results.