RGS Literacy

At RGS, our ultimate goal is for every student to be an engaged and successful reader, writer, speaker, and viewer. In striving to achieve this goal, the RGS literacy team collaborates with each member of the faculty/staff in order to to supplement and enrich the balanced literacy program that is offered in each of our K-6 classrooms.

Regardless of the framework used within a particular classroom, we believe that the following elements should be incorporated into students' daily literacy lives at RGS:

    • access to a classroom library that includes a variety of texts representing a variety of reading levels and interests;
    • the opportunity to independently read "good fit" texts of their own choosing;
    • the opportunity to independently compose texts of their own choosing;
    • the opportunity to talk about their reading and/or collaborate on the composing of texts;
    • the opportunity to listen to engaging texts being read aloud by a fluent reader (e.g., a teacher); and
    • a balanced approach to strategy instruction.

We welcome and invite collaboration with families and strive to do so on a regular basis through our RGS Literacy Facebook page. Please visit our page to read and receive regular literacy tips, book recommendations, and news items about all the great literacy happenings at RGS!