Teacher Leadership Grant

In October 2014, a committee of Roland-Story teachers, administrators, and parents submitted a grant application to the Iowa Department of Education in order to create a teacher leadership and compensation system.

The goals of Iowa's Teacher Leadership and Compensation System are:

  • Attract able and promising new teachers by offering competitive starting salaries and offering short-term and long-term professional development and leadership opportunities
  • Retain effective teachers by providing enhanced career opportunities
  • Promote collaboration by developing and supporting opportunities for teachers in schools and school districts statewide to learn from each other
  • Reward professional growth and effective teaching by providing pathways for career opportunities that come with increased leadership responsibilities and involve increased compensation
  • Improve student achievement by strengthening instruction

Vision and Goals

The Roland-Story Teacher Leadership Compensation (TLC) team chose the following vision:

The Roland-Story Community School District will establish a teacher leadership system that adequately compensates teachers who lay the foundation for collaboration with new teachers, show the way for complex conversations with developing teachers, and seek out the best tools for success in a global society so all involved can help each student achieve at expected levels.

Roland-Story Teacher Leadership System

The district's teacher leadership system will create approximately twenty-five supplemental and full-time teacher leadership roles. These roles include one instructional learning coach at each attendance center, one districtwide learning coordinator, and approximately twenty model teachers who regularly demonstrate exemplary instructional strategies to their peers.