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Sheppard Software Sheppard Software Social Studies Geography Games 5 stars 
How the Body Works Science  5 stars 
Whipple Museum of the History of Science Science  5 stars 
Google Body Science  5 stars 
ZOOM Science  5 stars 
IXL Multi-Subject Practice on all standards for all subjects 5 stars 
BrainPop Multi-Subject  5 stars 
Mr. Anker Test Multi-Subject  5 stars Khan Academy Math  5 stars 
IXL Math 5th Grade Math  5 stars 
Arcademic Skill Builders Math  5 stars 
BBC Bitesize: Deduction English-Language Arts  5 stars 
Cat & Mouse Prepositions English-Language Arts Prepositions 5 stars 
Storyline English-Language Arts Listen to actors read you a book 5 stars 
The Adjective Detective English-Language Arts Comparative & Superlative Adjectives 5 stars 
Synonym Sam's Lab English-Language Arts Synonyms 5 stars 
Arcademic Skill Builders: Word Invasion English-Language Arts Parts of Speech 5 stars 
BBC Bitesize: Trapped - Spelling English-Language Arts Plural Words & More 5 stars 
Arcademic Skill Bulders: Furious Frogs English-Language Arts Antonym Group Competition 5 stars 
Story Bird English-Language Arts Create a Story 5 stars 
Word Girl Word Girl English-Language Arts Synonym Toast 5 stars 
Miss Maggie Short Circuit English-Language Arts Prefixes & Suffixes 5 stars 
The White House Social Studies  4 stars 
50 States Social Studies  4 stars 
Colonial Williamsburg...History for Kids Social Studies  4 stars 
Science News for Kids Science  4 stars 
Science Bob: Science Fair Science  4 stars 
Cool Math Math   4 stars 
Smart Tutor: Synonyms & Antonyms L5V1 English-Language Arts  4 stars 
The World of Brian P. Cleary English-Language Arts  4 stars 
IXL ELA 4th Grade English-Language Arts  4 stars 
Fun English Games English-Language Arts  4 stars 
Between the Lions English-Language Arts  4 stars 
Reading is Fundamental: Reading Planet English-Language Arts  4 stars 
Spotlight Clauses English-Language Arts Independent & Dependent Clauses 4 stars 
Vocabulary & Spelling City English-Language Arts  4 stars 
Smart Tutor: Synonyms & Antonyms L4V1 English-Language Arts  4 stars 
Prefixes & Suffixes L3V1 English-Language Arts  4 stars 
Liberty's Kids Social Studies  3 stars 
Grammar Blast: Adverbs & Prepositions English-Language Arts Quiz: Adverbs & Prepositions 3 stars 
Constructing Prefixes English-Language Arts Prefixes 3 stars 
Matching Squares: Antonyms English-Language Arts   3 stars 
Antonym Challenge English-Language Arts Antonyms 3 stars 
Rojo5th Prefix Challenge English-Language Arts  3 stars 
Rags to Riches: Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms English-Language Arts  3 stars 
Synonym Challenge English-Language Arts Synonyms 3 stars 
Building Prefixes Building Prefixes English-Language Arts  3 stars 
Matching Word Golf: Synonyms English-Language Arts Synonyms 3 stars 
Rags to Riches: Sentence Structure English-Language Arts   3 stars 
Pearson: Basic Grammar English-Language Arts Exercises on Grammar 3 stars 
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